The F-Type is Jaguar's first 'real' sportscar in decades.

Jaguar is quite right in pinning serious hopes on the new F-Type. Despite large road weapons like the angry XK-R exhibiting extremely sporty traits, it's the first "real" sportscar we've seen from the company in decades. And judging by some of the slavering Jaguar tragics watching the car's unveiling at the Paris motor show in September, there'll be no shortage of demand.

The announcements in Paris overshadowed huge reveals like McLaren's F1 supercar successor, underlining the impact badges like D-Type and E-Type has had on the average car nutter's psyche.

Finding out what was going to live under its big bonnet was the order of the day, and with a couple of supercharged V6 options and a supercharged V8 for the truly enthusiastic, the news was all good.

It's not exactly the lightest machine in the sportscar world, courtesy of luxury interiors and these weighty donks, but at 1665kg, and with that V8 flagship pushing out 364kW and a hairy-chested 625Nm, it solidly overshadows the performance capabilities of its forebears - although does so with a roboting eight-speed Quickshift transmission instead of the traditional (read: endangered) manual gearbox.


Some were a bit underwhelmed at the lack of E-Type style design bravery, but with the Tata-owned brand desperate to put on a unified face across the range, it makes commercial sense.