Dreaming of dim sum? Eight's Chinese kitchen is the real deal, with a daily selection of dim sum classics prepared fresh each day by Eight's Chinese chefs (they're so skilled they could probably pleat dumplings in their sleep). Staples like har gao, filled with succulent prawns, and tender pork and prawn siu mai join daily offerings including juicy vegetarian dumplings. Best of all, you don't have to settle on one type: try them all and then keep going back for your favourites, as many as you like.

Favourite soups like Cantonese won ton and Thai tom yum change daily, and are a wonderful way to start your meal, or perhaps you'd like to take a soup break halfway through making your way through the rest of the impressive selection of cuisine at Eight — it's up to you.

Eight's Japanese chefs have their art well honed. Watch as your favourite sashimi and sushi is prepared in front of your eyes. It doesn't get fresher than this, anywhere, it's like having your own personal sushi chef on hand, continuously offering up beautiful morsels piece by piece. Seafood at Eight is always as fresh as can be, and fish is caught using the sustainable Tiaki method, which also delivers the fish to the kitchen in impeccable condition: vital to ensuring guests enjoy sashimi with the best taste and texture. Vegetarian and vegan sushi is also always on the menu.

The only tricky decision to make is when to drag yourself away from the dumplings and sushi and explore Eight's other six kitchens — but you can console yourself that there's always next time, when Eight's premium Chinese and Japanese selections will be once again freshly served up for your eating enjoyment.


Did you know?

Dinner at Eight is where you'll find the most choice, with around 15 varieties of fish, seafood and generous cuts of meat to select from, but lunch also has plenty going for it. Both sittings boast free-flow fresh local oysters, served in their own half-shells and perfectly cooked top-quality prawns, NZ beef and lamb.

Special winter deals at Eight*:
Lunch: Monday-Friday $58, Saturday-Sunday $78
Dinner: Sunday-Friday $98, Saturday $128
Children under 12 years dine half-price.
*Prices valid now until end August 2018.

Mention "CANVAS8" and receive a free bottle of Babich wine for every group of 4 adults booked for dinner. Call (09) 300 2924.