A woman who left a waitress a $US5000 (NZ$7456) tip using her boyfriend's credit card in an act of revenge following a lover's spat has been arrested.

The fight began last month, when 24-year-old Serina Wolfe asked her unnamed boyfriend to buy her a plane ticket from Florida to her home in Buffalo, New York using his credit card.

He refused, and placed his card on hold.

But when that hold lifted on June 27, Ms Wolfe allegedly used it to pay for a $US55.37 ($A79) meal at Clear Sky Cafe in Florida, news.com.au reports.


But she also added a whopping $US5000 tip for a waitress who was mourning the death of her pet dog, CBS 17 reported.

Police said Ms Wolfe denied racking up the bill, which prompted her partner to report a fraudulent charge to his card — but at that point Clear Sky Cafe had already paid the waitress her tip.

However, she later admitted making the purchase, and handed over the credit card to authorities.

Ms Wolfe was arrested and charged with grand theft., CBS 17 reported, and it is not known whether the waitress will be able to keep her surprise windfall.

According to her arrest affidavit, Ms Wolfe's boyfriend suggested his partner might have been intoxicated or attempting to get back at him by using his card, WTSP reports.

The case initially made headlines across the US as it was believed Ms Wolfe's generous tip was simply a random act of kindness.

However, the case is now being reported in the media again after the "revenge plot" was revealed.