A Hawke's Bay business director says it will be hard to watch the machinery he's been selling for decades being auctioned off at a liquidation auction.

John Managh has organised for 171 of hydraulic engineering business Hydratorq's assets to be sold off to help pay its 80 creditors.

The auction, full of the niche horticultural and viticulture products the company specialised in, will be at Henderson Rd tomorrow at 10am.

Director Phil Wyllie who had run the company for 12 years said the liquidation in December had come as a surprise to him, but had no choice but to "get on with it".


He did not disclose how much money creditors were owed.

Within the business, Wyllie specialised in selling SEPPI products - mulching mowers - and said the loss was hard to take.

"It's a product I've been involved with for 21 years. But it is what it is and I just have to accept the consequences and deal with it."

Wyllie said "bad debtors" was one of the key contributing factors causing the business to go into liquidation.

Although it was a personal loss, Wyllie said it was also an opportunity for new beginnings.

"It's time to move on."

Managh said there were 171 separate lots to be sold - from high end farm mulching machines to a wide variety of engineering plant and equipment such as ring spanners and steel rack and workshop consumables.

"I expect a strong sale as the items are well laid out, under cover and in use until a few weeks ago," he said.

Managh said the liquidation had not left staff at the company out of pocket.


"All wages and holiday pays are covered. That always makes me happy for those involved."