An Auckland apartment tower has defects in 86 of its 108 units, a developer has told residents.

Residents of the recent office-block-to-apartment conversion Hereford Residences at 8 Hereford St, off Karangahape Rd, have been told 86 units would be fixed. Many of the defects were only deemed cosmetic.

"Naylor Love have addressed all the defects in 86 out of the 108 apartments that submitted defects," the update said.

John Love, managing director of Love & Co associated with Tawera Group, said a voluntary remedial programme is available for buyers.


"All Tawera contracts provide a 60-day maintenance period for remedials, in addition to the statutory 12-month defect repair period as contained in the Building Act," Love said.

The notice about defects in 86 units had referred to Tawera's own internal remedial programme, not the 12-month defect period provisions of the Buildings Act, he said.

"The defects, which more correctly should be remedial items, are generally minor things such as a spot of paint on a floor board or a door jamb requiring a minor adjustment. These items are cosmetic in nature and within the envelope of the building.

"They do not in any way relate to structural or weathertightness," Love said.

These items were separate from "more complex defects" he said, citing tiles to be replaced and other items which needed fixing.

"Unfortunately, given the scale at which we develop, it is not yet possible to deliver a 100 per cent perfect product all of the time, but we are certainly striving to get there. The cost of the remedials is born by the construction company and their subcontractors and this remedial process is part of any normal construction contract and project costs," Love said.

The ex-commercial office building was familiar to many Aucklanders because it had a revolving restaurant on the top floor.

Marketing for Hereford Residences showed this pool, not yet built.
Marketing for Hereford Residences showed this pool, not yet built.