A subsidiary of a parking technology company based in Cambridge, Waikato, has won a major contract supplying to 21,000 parking spaces across Los Angeles.

Parking Sense USA secured one of the largest parking contracts ever awarded in the United States.

Parking Sense's EasyGuide technology uses an indicator mounted above each parking bay in a complex that can detect when a car is present in the park. The indicator changes colour to show when the bay is vacant.

The technology will be installed across Los Angeles and will help provide a more efficient driving and parking experience through the city.


"A combination of leading edge technology and competitive pricing, along with the exciting innovations we are planning, were key ingredients in the win," Parking Sense managing director Paul Collins said.

"Getting drivers to parking spaces more quickly is one of the keys to a well-functioning city. A big focus of our product development has this outcome in mind."

Parking Sense is the brainchild of the same team that previously brought to the market Metereye, which listed on the ASX under the name Car Parking Technologies (CPT). Today it endures as Smart Parking Ltd with a worldwide presence employing in excess of 300 employees.

Collins stood down as Managing Director of CPT in 2013 and began Parking Sense.

EasyGuide is proving to be a market success as the LA Metro contract follows contracts including CBRE Galleria, University of Washington and the Walter Reid National Military Medical Centre.

Collins said it was encouraging to see the company getting the formula right.