The documents below show how for three years SkyCity told the Government it needed land owned by TVNZ to build the NZ International Convention Centre.

Three months after the land was sold, SkyCity changed direction and decided to build a 500-bed hotel on the site.

A Herald investigation has analysed documents relating to the deal and traced the casino company's intentions for TVNZ's land. (App users should click on the dates to access the documents).

September 2010: SkyCity sets out a draft convention centre proposal, saying government desires for a larger building meant it needed TVNZ's land. Officials tell Economic development minister Gerry Brownlee of SkyCity's "need for the Government to provide three adjoining sites owned by TVNZ to allow for a larger convention centre".


October 2010:

SkyCity chief executive

he is hopeful of getting the land for a larger centre.

December 2010: Morrision says he wants TVNZ's land as part of the deal.

April 2011:

A briefing note to Brownlee lists The transfer of TVNZ land as a "negotiation" point in discussions between SkyCity and officials.

May 2011:

Brownlee is briefed that officials were working on advice for him on "the transfer to SkyCity of the three TVNZ properties that will be incorporated into the centre".


July 2011:

Internal government briefing says the cost to SkyCity of buying TVNZ's land "as part of the assembly of the development site" needed to be taken into account.

September 2011:

New minister David Carter is sent minutes of a meeting between officials and SkyCity in which its purchase of the TVNZ land was to be seen as a "credit" against the overall construction cost.

October 2011:

SkyCity seeks further concessions to offset having to by the TVNZ land for the project.

May 2012:

SkyCity says a larger convention centre sought by the government would go across "part of the existing TVNZ site".

May 2012:

Officials then tell Minister of Broadcasting Craig Foss "for the current design of the NZICC to be built it will be necessary for SkyCity to purchase three blocks of land owned by TVNZ".

February 2013:

New minister Steven Joyce is told "SkyCity needs to purchase (or at the very least to have a ground lease over) the properties... currently owned by TVNZ".

May 2013:

Appendix to officials' briefing on negotiations says "land and buildings current owned by TVNZ... will need to be acquired by SkyCity... to accommodate a centre of the size suitable for larger international conferences".

June 2013:

Joyce is told delays to the deal and the deadline for it mean he needs Cabinet's permission for himself, the Prime Minister and Finance minister to agree gambling concessions themselves - considerations include negotiations over TVNZ land and the need to redesign the convention centre if SkyCity can't get it.

July 2013:

The PM, Joyce, Attorney General and Finance Minister are told SkyCity will need to redesign a smaller centre if it can't buy the TVNZ land. The deal with SkyCity is signed.

September 2013:

Two days before the deal for a larger design collapses, SkyCity buys the TVNZ land "in preparation for the construction of the NZ International Convention Centre".

September 2013:

TVNZ announces ministers have given it permission to use taxpayer cash for rennovations.

December 2013:

SkyCity decides to build a hotel on the TVNZ land.

August 2014:

The hotel is announced publicly - without saying where it will be located.