2degrees has cut its mobile internet and calling charges for customers travelling across the ditch.

The company has shaved more than 90 per cent off its roaming data rates, dropping prices from $30 per megabytes to $2.50 per megabyte

Calling rates have been lowered from $1.39 a minute to 44c a minute for customers in Australia, in line with local calling charges.

The move follows an article in the Business Herald a fortnight ago, revealing the company charged 60 times its local rates for customers using the internet while roaming in Australia.

In terms of affordability while roaming, the rate cut thrusts 2degrees ahead of the pack.

Vodafone is now second best, charging $5 per megabyte for casual data usage and 79c a minute for calls.

Telecom's call price of 89c a minute and casual data rate of $8 a megabyte is now the most expensive, however the company does offer a Trans-Tasman data package of 100 megabyte for $100.

2degrees also introduced data packages, which can be used in Australia, the UK and the United States.

The data roaming bundles, start at $20 for 10 megabytes of data and can bring data roaming rates as low as $1 per megabyte if enough is purchased.

"If a customer likes to check their email or surf the net regularly while away, they'd be better off buying a bundle of data.

"Pre-purchasing a bundle of data before they leave or on arrival means they won't pay more than they bargained for," said 2degrees' chief marketing officer Larrie Moore.