Alexander Flores' camp have accused Kiwi heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker of premeditated 'dirty antics' in their bout in Christchurch last month.

Parker knocked out Flores in the third round to end of skid of back-to-back defeats but it was a controversial victory.

The stoppage by Parker came soon after a low blow, the second of the short fight, and Flores had dropped his hands when Parker's right hand knocked him to the canvas.

In a statement Roy Jones, Jr. Boxing CEO-Co-Founder Keith Veltre slammed the Professional Boxing Commission New Zealand (PBCNZ) for the outcome and referee John Conway.


"As excited as we were for Flores to face-off against Parker we are equally disappointed with Parker's dirty antics," Veltre said.

"It was clear that the referee not only favored Parker, but he also lacked enough knowledge to be officiating in the ring. Cleary, though, the New Zealand commission is just as inexperienced with high-caliber fights like this. If it wants to continue pursuing larger fights, then I would suggest it makes sure there is an equal playing field in New Zealand for all foreign fighters."

American Flores, who has a 17-2-1 record following the defeat, said he never expected Parker to use "those tactics"

"Coming into this fight," Flores said, "I was excited and prepared for the opportunity to fight Joseph Parker. My vision of how it would play out was nothing that I could have ever expected.

"I heard Joe speaking in pre-fight interviews about hitting me in the balls or using his elbows, but I really thought he was talking about his experience with Dillian Whyte, and I never expected him to use those tactics with me. I have never been a dirty fighter, so, in my training for this fight, getting hit in the groin area or getting his forearm in my face was not something that ever crossed my mind," Flores said.

The Flores camp also pointed to articles by New Zealand media, including the Herald, to back up their case.

"After reading articles it is clear to me that this was premeditated," Flores said.

"When the fight started, the referee clearly stated that we were at belt-line and anything below that would be considered low. I noticed early on that he was hitting me low and I tried to get the referee's attention. I don't remember the exact number, but it was consistent whenever we would get inside and exchange."

Flores beat referee Conway's count and the official immediately called a time out and warned Parker for hitting below the belt. Once the action resumed Parker went in for the kill in a savage burst which had his Mexican-American on the floor and in some trouble.


It was Parker's first knockout victory in just over two years and it was just what he needed as he starts his comeback from two consecutive losses.

Flores said in the ring afterwards: "He hit me with a low blow. I felt it and I put my hand down… he hit me low three or four times. I think the ref warned him once. It is what it is – I'm fighting in his home town."

When asked about the low blows, Parker said: "I'm the fighter. There's a ref who does his job, and the judges. All I do is throw the punches and make them land.

"We finished the year on a high and now it's time to have a break.

"Alexander seems to think I hit him low three or four times. I know I hit him low once but that's the fight game.

"We had two losses this year and this is the fight we wanted to end the year with – a bang. We wanted the kockout and we got it.

Parker's trainer Kevin Barry said: "We were badly looking for a knockout to end the year with and I thought Joe looked tremendous tonight.

"There's a lot of frustration in Joseph Parker tonight… we had a big year but… came up short and Joe really wanted to let his hands go and get the knockout."