Shaye Woolford is 30 year old mother, wife and a successful, self taught stylist of events and florals. Shaye has a long background in the hospitality industry, but while starting a family created her business On My Hand | Props, Styling & Flora (

Being a unique start up in an un-heard of, previously non-existent market, Shaye's vision and enthusiasm over the last 4 years has seen her business grow, hand in hand with her family. She has 2 children and lives in Tauranga with her husband and kids.

Shaye has an infinite passion for flowers and food and has built her business from scratch with drive and determination. Working out of a shared studio space on The Strand, she has contributed to over 50 events as well as commercial styling for creative businesses, for print magazines such as Homestyle and Monday's Journal, and is a New Zealand representative for Kinfolk magazine, hosting workshops and dinners amongst a global community.


Shaye is speaking at the October 2015 indulge Speaker Collective, in association with Craigs Investment Partners.
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