Dean Taylor looks at Kiwis’ latest inventions, among them a system that allows farmers to irrigate land without waste

This year at National Fieldays, selected innovators were invited to pitch their products in a Dragons' Den-type event to seek further investment.

One of the successes was Greg Morgan, founder of LiquidStrip, who won the Gallagher Brilliant Simplicity award and took away $3000.

LiquidStrip is a continuous filtration system designed to efficiently separate liquids and solids from waste, such as shed effluent.

Gallagher research and development director Rob Heebink was impressed with the LiquidStrip solution, labelling it a "brilliant piece of engineering that solves a major environmental issue in the dairy industry, with crossover into other sectors".


Mr Morgan said the award was a wonderful achievement for LiquidStrip.

"It is no easy task to start up a business and be a part of the wider solution via innovation. The team at [start-up supporter] SODA and Fieldays are key to how far individual entrepreneurs can take their product or service in this competitive industry - it is amazing to be a part of," he said.

Mr Morgan's invention removes solids from wastewater and converts them into pellet or slug form by passing unwanted liquids through a filter that uses patented technology to transform waste into useful solids.

Mr Morgan has been part of the wine industry for more than two decades and initially came up with the idea when he saw how much water was wasted in the wine-making process.

He says the juicing method of winemaking uses about seven litres of water to make one bottle of wine - and some processes use even more.

As someone who describes himself as a tinkerer, and also enjoys working on motorsport and boating equipment, the LiquidStrip is just one of a number of inventions.

His aim is that the benefits will reach far beyond just wine-making and dairy farming and eventually be used to create fertiliser.

After its success at Fieldays, Mr Morgan's invention has caught the eye of industry heavyweights and has also been nominated for the New Zealand Innovators Awards in three categories:

• Innovation in Design & Engineering.

• Innovation in Sustainability & Clean-tech.

• Innovation in Agriculture & Environment.

The LiquidStrip has been patented and is in the early stages of development for market in partnership with respected companies.

Mr Morgan is hopeful potential partners will be attracted by a win at the event ceremony in Auckland on October 15.