The leader of the Opposition says there needs to be a clear timeline for the transtasman bubble immediately so businesses can start planning.

National Party leader Todd Muller said there had been no visibility on the Government's timelines or proposed working arrangement on the travel arrangement between New Zealand and Australia.

"If a timeline was put forward, these businesses would be able to plan for the future. Instead, the lack of information only puts their viability in further doubt."

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The prime ministers of New Zealand and Australia have been provided blueprints developed by the Trans-Tasman Safe Border Group made up of a team of 40 experts.

PM Jacinda Ardern reveals what will be needed for a transtasman bubble and how it could work. Video / NZ Herald

The timing of new arrangements and the health requirements would be up to governments, but could be actioned within weeks if adopted.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters said last week New Zealand would likely be waiting on Australia for the transtasman bubble because its federal system was more complicated.

Muller said Peters needed to "recognise it is his bold talk with little action" creating vacuum of information.

"Our tourism operators need confidence to keep their doors open and keep people in jobs. National's Tourism Accelerator grant programme will do this by funding projects that will help stimulate demand and increase productivity."

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Muller called on the Government to lay out a timeline immediately and "work hard to achieve it".

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hasn't put a timeline on when the travel arrangements could be in force but called September "realistic".

"September is realistic, but I haven't given specifics around what date precisely. Needless to say, Prime Minister Morrison and I are very, very keen to see us moving towards an opening up of our borders as soon as it's safe to do so.


"We are just giving ourselves the space to make sure that we are ready to go, that we are safe and that we're not going to export risks to one another."