The Ministry for Primary Industries is warning customers about an email scam.

The phishing email was sent to some customers and impersonated MPI.

The subject line read "Re: Notices to All MPI Registerd (sic) Exporters" and asked customers to check an email attachment for corrections.

The external sender is mibaby95[@]aol[.]com.


Do not open it or any attachments. This message did not originate from MPI and should be deleted.

MPI recommended those who had already clicked on the email or opened the attachment to change passwords for any login credentials entered.

They then said to contact your IT department or service provider for further advice.

Netsafe, an independent, non-profit online safety organisation, said if you receive a phishing email do not reply to it.

You can report these to Netsafe and forward it to an organisation if it pretended to be from a legitimate brand.

Email phishing guide:
-Be cautious about emails asking to update or verify your details online, saying you have won prizes, and that try to prompt a quick response with threats of legal action or loss of an account
-Ignore any emails asking to provide personal information
-Banks will never ask for passwords
-Only open email attachments you are expecting or know the sender
-Do not contact them on the phone numbers, websites or email addresses included in the email