Tauranga Hospital is running a crutches amnesty after spending $500 a week replacing those not returned by patients.

The amnesty is being run by the hospital's Emergency Department after those loaned to injured patients were not brought back following recovery.

ED clinical Lead Dr Derek Sage said the funds used replacing the crutches could be better spent elsewhere. He appealed to patients to think if they have any crutches which were inadvertently put aside and forgotten about.

"We are asking that the public return any redundant crutches that they have laying around to the Emergency Department; no questions asked and with gratitude for doing so," said Sage.


"These crutches are being issued to injured patients, who are generally all expected to recover. So at some point they no longer need them and yet we are not having all of them returned.

"Most people just forget to return them and have crutches languishing in the cupboard or garage. I would ask you now to please just bring them in and drop them off no questions asked, we would really appreciate it.

"We can better spend the money saved by recycling the crutches on other healthcare provision."