Humanity first

I am a Māori woman myself and am disgusted by the voicemail recording left on Narelle Newdick's phone (News, June 12).

How rude, they were putting not just Narelle in that bucket, but it seemed all Māori were in that bucket. What do these two men think Māori are - dumb? Do they think Māori sit on their asses all day and can't work? Well, Māori do work and still get trod on through racist comments.

In my opinion, we get looked down on by most Pākehā. I speak my mind when it comes to running Māori down. In my opinion, many Pākehā think they are above and beyond Māori. Well, you're not, you're just another human like everyone else. I'd like to give them a piece of my mind - but I'm working.
Hinemoa Coburn

Fatality looming

How sad that the council transport committee has reversed its previously unanimous decision to commence a six-month trial of one-way traffic and a dedicated separate cycle lane at Pilot Bay. This is especially so when 67 per cent of the 455 submissions received after public consultation favoured the trial.


I regard Pilot Bay as the most dangerous road that I cycle on. It is too narrow for two-lane traffic, plus parallel parking on both sides of the road, plus cyclists. Impatient drivers already terrify cyclists by trying to overtake them.

Inevitably with more and more cyclists on the road at the Mount, there will be a fatality with a cyclist swerving into the path of a car to avoid an opening car door.

Cyclists will be forced to use the boardwalk from which they are banned and the council will face the prospect of trying to enforce that ban.

Once again some of our younger councillors and Councillor Stewart have got cold feet on implementing change for fear of losing their jobs at the next election. At least councillors Baldock and Molloy continued with their support for the trial.
John Douglas
Mount Maunganui

Thanks, volunteers

As the country celebrates National Volunteer Awareness Week, June 17-23, I would like to thank all Tauranga Heart Foundation volunteers who work so hard to support our mission to stop New Zealanders dying prematurely of New Zealand's single biggest killer, heart disease. Their efforts also help many of the 186,000 New Zealanders with heart disease live a full and productive life.

As a charity, the Heart Foundation relies on our people, who give so generously of their time across many areas such as helping at community events, special projects, collecting and co-ordinating during our Big Heart Appeal, sharing stories and administration support.

15 Jun, 2018 3:56am
3 minutes to read

I would like to acknowledge that everything our volunteers do, every hour they volunteer, any campaign they support, or each time they share their story, makes a difference to people with heart disease and their families.

We would be grateful if you were able to join these people in the fight against heart disease in your community, please register your interest at or contact your Tauranga branch on 575 4787.
Marie Nilson, Administration Assistant
Heart Foundation Tauranga