Fuel prices are on the rise due to the drop in the US exchange rate but an unofficial survey shows Bay motorists can reap savings of between 5 to 10 cents a litre if they shop around,

The Bay of Plenty Times surveyed eight petrol stations across Tauranga yesterday and found prices ranged from $2.10.9 to $2.21.9 a litre for 91 and $1.33.9 to $1.52.9 for diesel.

The cheapest petrol station surveyed was Mobil Causeway, followed by Gull Hewletts Rd, and the most expensive 91 and diesel was at independently-owned BP 2go Summit in Waihi Rd.

A similar survey in Rotorua shows the city remains the ideal place to fill your tank as petrol prices remain low compared to most Tauranga service stations, with prices varying between $2.01 and $2.25 for 91 octane and $1.34 and $1.54 for diesel.


The two cheapest stations surveyed in Rotorua were Mobil and Caltex.

Both Z Energy and BP Oil increased their prices by 2c a litre on Monday, despite oil prices falling to a two-year low, according to the Automobile Association's petrol watchdog.

At the same time the NZ dollar has fallen over 4c during the month, resulting in the foreign exchange rate falling to US$77.07c - the lowest rate since August 2013.

AA Petrol Watch spokesman Mark Stockdale said there was no question the falling US exchange rate had increased the price of importing petrol for fuel companies, but the imported cost of diesel was "about the same" due to a bigger drop in commodity prices.

"So an increase in retail diesel prices was unwarranted in our view," he said.

Mr Stockdale said all the fuel companies were in the same position as Z Energy due to the drop in the NZ dollar and were likely to follow suit in increasing prices.

"Ultimately shoppers will decide which brands of petrol and diesel they want to buy, but we urge them to shop around because there are deals to be had."

Motorists should take advantage of supermarket petrol saving discount vouchers and petrol station loyalty schemes, he said.


Pak'nSave offers discounts of 4c a litre at their fuel site if shoppers spent up to $75, and over $75 the discount rises to 6c a litre.

Countdown also offers a customer fuel discount scheme, which may differ from store to store.

Z Energy spokesperson Christine Langdon said since cost increases started in December the US exchange rate had dropped from 83c to 77c.

Ms Langdon said the shift in the exchange rate makes petrol and diesel more expensive to import and that was being reflected in the retail price at the pumps.

Petrol Prices survey results

• Z Energy (11th Ave and Cameron Rd) - 91: $221.9; Diesel: $151.9
• Z Energy (Z Hewletts Rd) - 91 : $212.9; Diesel: $140.9
• BP Mt Maunganui (Maunganui Rd) - 91 : $2.12.9; Diesel : $141.9
• BP 2go Summit (Waihi Rd) - 91: $2.21.9; Diesel: $1.52.9
• Caltex Bayfair (Girven Rd) - 91: $214.9; Diesel: $140.9
• Mobil Causeway (60 Chapel St) - 91: $2.10.9; Diesel: $1.32.9
• Gull (Hewletts Rd) - 91: $211.9; Diesel: $133.9
• Gull Merivale (drive-thru) - Regular 91: $2.16.9; Diesel : $1.44.9