Bishop Michael Curry. Mmmm I freakin' love a good curry! A little spicy, full of different flavours (some of which you had forgotten existed), perfect temperature, something that makes you sweat a little and, at the very least, memorable!

The man who delivered the sermon at Harry and Megan's wedding last weekend — Curry by name, curry by sermon. Amen indeed. Memorable for sure!

Firstly, Harry and Meghan are clearly legends. They have an audience of billions, he's basically never going to be king or have an audience that big ever again and they chose THAT man to deliver the sermon.

They chose to make their moment completely about others and appeal to the global audience to actually "lead with love". Harry and Meghan 100 per cent would've seen the sermon beforehand and known exactly what was coming — as would have half of the royal family, so those looks of shock and surprise at times were definitely all well-rehearsed.


As a celebrant, someone used to standing up in front of a crowd of people at a wedding and talking about love, I was definitely captivated on another level. I'm not religious and I loved it. It wasn't really about religion, it was about love.

Such a formal situation, such a real moment. Yes he went too long, yes he was over the top at times and yes he said 'we gotta get y'all married' in front of the Queen. But you remember it right? You remember the message. Job done.

I've done a lot of weddings, I've seen a massive range of reactions and situations when it comes to a formal yet emotional day. Everyone handles a ceremony differently. I try to make mine as chilled and fun as possible, because everyone else feels that vibe too. Less 'preachy' by 1 million per cent! But I hope for the same outcome — memorable for all.

So whether it's a royal wedding watched by billions or a same sex wedding on the beach at Pāpāmoa, as long as it's memorable and what YOU want for yourselves and your audience, what more could you want? Their wedding budget would be nice for a start!

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