Ya know what I love every now and then? A little old school radio! I've been in radio about 15 years now and it's changed massively in that time. Doing a radio show is literally 50 per cent of my job now. It used to be 100 per cent. The rest is comprised of actually being a good human and trying to help out in the community. Helping out I can do, good human though… I'll get there. One day. Maybe. Haha!

Anyway, last week we did Pledge for Plunket on The Hits, just like a Telethon, but on the radio. You might say a radiothon. All of the announcers across the country tried to raise as much money as we could for Plunket. I decided that because Plunket reminds me of being a baby and it was part of my life back in the day, then I'd go old school on the fundraising and run Plugs for Plunket on my show.

So last week we had heaps of businesses donating a minimum $100 to Plunket for a big ol' plug on the radio. That's how it used to work; radio announcers would talk to the business owner live on air and promote their business, regardless of if it was actually relevant to the audience of that station!

We still do that, but now it's only for businesses and listeners who will actual benefit/relate to it.


I'm glad we've moved on and become more creative in the way we support each other in local business and marketing etc, but there's something to be said for picking a bunch of businesses that are relevant to The Hits BOP 95FM target audience and just getting them on the radio to yarn about what they do and how great they think Plunket is.

Along with the plugs, we ran sausage sizzles and shook buckets outside BNZs. Again, old school as, right?! Then on Friday I sang "thank you very much for your kind donation" constantly for an hour for a $1000 donation on our nationwide brekky show with Sam Wallace, Toni Street and Sarah Gandy.

Could you GET any more old school?

Turns out Tauranga is happy to give a wee fundraising nod back to a simpler time… we contributed almost $4500 to the fundraising effort through those plugs and bucket shakings! A great haul for an organisation that has helped so many of us.
I've still got that damned song in my head too.
The things you do for charity!

Will Johnston is host of The Hits 95FM Day Show. Live and local from 9am-3pm, every weekday in the Bay of Plenty.