Imagine you've just fallen off your horse. Okay, you don't have a horse … um, your motocross bike? Hope, not one of them either?

Okay, one of your cows has leant against you and pinned you against a tree. Not that either?

How about you're just driving to see a mate who lives out in the country, or in another part of New Zealand and someone crosses the centreline, slams in to you and you or your loved ones are in a pretty dire situation in a pretty remote area.

Imagine if there was no such thing as a rescue chopper to come and get you to where you need to be, as soon as humanly possible.


Imagine having to endure hours in the back of an ambulance hitting every bump on the way to a hospital you needed to be at two hours ago to save a limb or even a life.

That is why I am such a big fan of the Trustpower TECT Rescue Chopper and why I and our radio station support them so heavily.

You hope you never need their services but, if you do, you'll be pretty bloody glad you came along and bought a sausage for $2 and donated to the chopper.

Last Sunday was full of people having a great time interacting with the chopper, fire engines, the AOS Police, Search and Rescue, St John's Ambulance and even a motorbike with a helicopter engine in it! (to name but a few of the entertainment options).

What really got me though are the stories of the people that those services, specifically the chopper, had helped. All of those scenarios above are ones I heard about from people at the open day. All of those people have been helped or are still alive because of the chopper.

My hat is off (and on the ground asking for donations) to the emergency services in the Bay of Plenty. Don't even get me started on being a person in one of those services that turn up to these horrific scenes time after time.

They are amazing humans.