Another week, another sensible and much-needed bill defeated, but a new opportunity presents itself for debate. We, at New Zealand First will be doing our best to make sure we get this one over the line.

Last Thursday saw the defeat of the Bill, in Winston Peters' name, to set up a 'Foreign Land Ownership Register', so New Zealanders would be able to actually see the numbers.

This blue government has clearly developed a dependency on foreign money, and steadfastly refuses to consider the effects on real new Zealanders: housing, healthcare access, traffic, schools... the list goes on.

All New Zealanders want is transparency, so real conversation can be had.

Well that Bill is gone - at least until after the 2017 election - but I am pleased to announce another New Zealand First Bill, the Broadcasting (Games of National Significance) Amendment Bill, in my name, has been drawn for debate in the House.

This Bill is straightforward and common sense. Kiwis love our sport, and should be able to have access to live coverage of 'Games of National Significance' without having to pay ridiculous amounts to private broadcasting companies for the privilege.

Many cannot afford to pay for a TV subscription, yet through taxes they have paid for a state-funded TV broadcaster.

So, real Kiwis are now in with a real chance to watch their sports heroes live on TV without having to pay a $1,000-a-year subscription.

Unfortunately, tennis fans will miss out on watching the ASB Classic live and free this summer, but The Broadcasting (Games of National Significance) Amendment Bill will finally make sports viewing fair for all New Zealanders.

TVNZ has confirmed there is a public appetite for free sports broadcasts, with a 'resounding viewer response' to sport on its pop-up channel.


New Zealand citizens should have live free-to-air-sports broadcasts.

So call your local MP to make sure, with this Bill they 'don't kick it! Pass it!'