More than 60 people put the pedal to the metal on Saturday to give electric cycling a go.

Jolly Bikes hosted the event and organiser Andreas Steppat says he was pleased with the outcome and positive feedback.

New Zealand is still in the early stages of the electric cycling evolution but he hoped it would take off in the future as the profile lifted.

"As public awareness lifts and people realise it is a great alternative to traditional transportation I think popularity will grow. We need to get people out of the car and onto bikes." "Cycling is also very healthy."


An electric bike was easier to ride than a normal bike he says and had numerous advantages. "It's particularly good when you come to a hill and sometimes people wonder how far they can go on a normal push bike or whether they are fit enough. Being able to commute to the office without arriving covered in sweat is another bonus."

Tauranga was suitable for cycling although in his view the cycleways needed "a bit of improvement". Meanwhile there were still dangerous spots in the city at intersections, crossings and roundabouts that needed to be addressed. "They are a hassle for all riders."

Andreas and his wife Sibylle started Jolly Bikes in February after shifting to Tauranga five years ago from Germany. The bikes were typically priced from $2000 to $5000.

"Business has been going really well. We have retailers all over New Zealand but the funny thing is they sell better around the country than they do here." Sibylle says she prefers electric bikes "because they flatten hills" and were better for the environment.