Did your grandfather, or great grandfather fight in World War I? Or did your great grandmother stay home and run the farm?

If so, the New Zealand Dance Company wants to celebrate them in their show, Rotunda, at Baycourt on March 13.

Rotunda brings the NZ Army Band together with contemporary dance in a tribute to the Centenary of the WWI Anzac landing at Gallipoli.

As part of the performance, the New Zealand Dance Company is giving locals the chance to share their family's stories.


The company wants names of the fallen, survivors and women who served at home.

The New Zealand Dance Company artistic director Shona McCullagh says the company wants to give today's generation the chance to honour the lives of their ancestors.

"Rotunda is a dance to honour the enormous courage, bravery and sacrifice of the New Zealand men who served 'king and country' in the First World War, and the hard-working, stoic women who supported them," she says.

Shona says the names submitted will be projected on a commemorative veil in the theatre prior to each performance of Rotunda.

"We have a beautiful segment at the beginning of the show where selected names will be integrated within the performance," she says.

"We're looking forward to submissions of those names via our website so we can accord our fallen the honour they deserve, and connect with local families and their stories from the Tauranga and Bay of Plenty."

- Those wishing to upload a name can do so at: www.nzdc.org.nz/node/rotunda-share-your-story/