WARNING: Graphic content

A Mexican gang stripped a suspected rapist naked and castrated him by making a pitbull terrier eat his genitals.

The horrifying punishment happened after the man allegedly assaulted a woman in Mexico.

The gang released footage showing the man naked, handcuffed and pinned to the ground, surrounded by five men and being attacked by the pitbull.


The dog tears off and eats his penis and testicles as the man begs for mercy in Spanish.

"Stop, leave me now, leave me," he can be heard saying in Spanish.

One of the gang members covers his mouth with a rag to stifle his words.

A second dog then joins in.

The video was said to have been released as a warning to anyone thinking of sexually assaulting women.

Local media say acts such as this one by the drug cartel are becoming "increasingly frequent".

It is not known whether the man in the video is still alive.