Fortnite, the online multiplayer game that is taking the world by storm, especially those in Major League Baseball.

Boston Red Sox player Xander Bogaerts used one of Fortnite's emotes called "Take the L" on Opening Day after hitting a double and reaching second-base.

The Houston Astros outfield players are also getting involved in the survival style video game phenomenon, coming together to recreate the "Jubilation" celebration.

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But, the Milwaukee Brewers have incorporated the last-man-standing game a step further than the rest of the league, taking the obsession to new heights.

Using their home-ground stadium Miller Park, some of the Brewers players hooked the video game up to the big screen, playing it on the main scoreboard.

Sitting behind the catcher's box and steering over the field, the Brewers got outside to soak in the sunshine and watch their peers do their best to win a game.

Last month, staff of the Cleveland Indians made the most of a rain delay against the Toronto Blue Jays to also play the video game on the big screen.

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