It's Pro Bowl Monday.

So with no meaningful games to debate, we thought we'd get the members of the Radio Sport NFL Rhombus to answer six pertinent (at least we think so) NFL questions.

But before we crack open our six pack, let's have a look at the standings of our panel with one (rather significant) game left in the NFL playoffs:
1) Marc Peard (MP) - Super Bowl pick - Falcons, Steelers - 9 of 10
2) Kent Johns (KJ) -Super Bowl pick - Falcons, Patriots - 8 of 10
3) Nate Rarare (NR) - Super Bowl pick -Falcons, Patriots - 7 of 10
4) Nigel Yalden (NY) - Super Bowl pick -Packers, Steelers - 6 of 10

So Peard's chance of running the table evaporates at the hands of Tom Brady and company; Kento is the only member of the remaining trio with a chance of prising the Rhombus Cup from Peard's Trump-like fingers; Nate continues his surge while Yalden's hatred of the Patriots and love of Aaron Rodgers has virtually assured him of the Rhombus Spoon for another year.


Rarere's already carbo-loading for next Monday's Super Bowl, but Peard. Johns and Yalden are ready to rip into these questions, starting with:

Who's the NFL MVP (Most Valuable Player)?

MP: MATT RYAN (Quarterback - Atlanta Falcons)

He's done the Lords work sinking the chokers tag he has worn for the past few seasons. That Atlanta offence is hissing thanks to his ability to keep it moving.

KJ: MATT RYAN (Quarterback - Atlanta Falcons)
If the Patriots had started 1-3 then the answer would be Tom Brady. He only played 12 games however, so it will be Matt Ryan slightly ahead of [Raider QB] Derek Carr. Ryan edges it on games played, although you could make the argument the Raiders fell away precisely when Carr went out through injury.

NY: MATT RYAN (Quarterback - Atlanta Falcons)
It's a clean sweep for "Matty Ice", who has lived up to his nickname while orchestrating of the hottest offense in the NFL in terms of overall offensive and passing yards gained. It's been a career year for Ryan and despite strong challenges from Tom Brady, Derek Carr and Aaron Rodgers, he's the clear MVP to me.

Which has been the most disappointing team this season?


Jay Cutler has just ground this team into the cellars of the NFC North. A 3 win/13 loss season with Jeffery, Royal, White, Miller and Langford/Howard all waiting to catch passes on offence - alarm bells are ringing! Such a bitter disappointment for a team I didn't expect to be so terrible.


You can take your pick from the Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals or even the defending champion Denver Broncos, but I'll say the Panthers. All of that talent and they were never in the hunt. Cam Newton will have to prove next season his MVP season [of 2015/16] wasn't a flash in the pan.

Come on Peard! You know it's YOUR Panthers and by some considerable margin. They failed to learn any lessons from their Super Bowl capitulation to Broncos in last season's decider, especially the team's "leader" Cam Newton. This was a Super Bowl calibre team that embarrassed itself & next season will be make-or-break for Coach Ron Rivera, who will be on a very short leash from the teams' ownership, and possibly for Newton as well.

Which non-playoff team has the most potential heading into next season?


Quarterback Marcus Mariota has become a leader of men; he's improved each year with his decision making and this offence with DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry freight training up the field are going to be hard to stop in 2017/18

If Denver gets Tony Romo then they'll be good but I'll go with the Buccaneers because they were knocking on the door this season and should be even better in 2017/18

Given the talent on this roster, I'm willing to concede that this season was an aberration and that Cam Newton and the crew will get rolling in the 2017/18 season, just as they did when they dabbed their way to Super Bowl 50. Their paltry efforts this season mean they get the eighth pick in the NFL draft, meaning they can get a high quality player to address their greatest need, which for me is strengthening the offensive line, though I won't be surprised if they take a running back.

Should the Cleveland Browns trade the number one pick in the NFL draft?


: As it stands right now, Myles Garrett, the big Defensive End from Texas A&M, is favourite to be number one off the board no matter who has the first overall pick, so I say go for the outright number 1 player as they could do with an upgrade in the form of a pass rusher.

KJ: I think the Browns should go all George Costanza on it and go the OPPOSITE of what they think they should do. In 3 to 4 years' time we will know whether they got it right, and since they never get it right then they may as well go down swinging. What could possibly go wrong?

NY: No - Cleveland get to pick first and twelfth in the first round of the draft; great spots to address their key needs ... and goodness knows the Browns have them in spades. As long as they don't overthink it, Browns management can get the best player in the draft who, as my esteemed colleague Mr Peard alludes to, is Myles Garrett at number one and some much needed offensive line reinforcement at number 12.

Should the NFL scrap the Pro Bowl?


No! People should scrap the attitude that's its anything more than a good fun week for the players and the fans that accept what the week is all about. I enjoyed the pro bowls and All Star games when I was a young fulla but I found myself starting to think they were stupid as I've got older. I've since came to the realisation that they are not really made for me and dudes my age. It's for the kids; the younger fans to see all the big names fluff about on the field and display the game as fun. Its old eggs like us that expect to see a competition, but this is a chance for the players not to have to compete, so leave it be, enjoy it for what it is.

KJ: For sure. This game is a dog that gets in the way of the Super Bowl. I hate having to wait two weeks for the finale. The Pro Bowl is a cash grab and as long as fans keep lapping up from the dog bowl it isn't going anywhere sadly. It's easily the cheesiest of all the all-star games.

NY: Stop slurping Roger Goodell Peard! It's the biggest waste of time, money and minimal effort in American Sports and thus not worth wasting more than two sentences on. The Pro Bowl just gets in the way and the sooner the NFL move to play the Super Bowl the week directly after the Conference championships the better.

Which home NFL venue would you most like to get to?


Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta) - I want to see what $1.5 billion gets you in the modern world of super stadiums! I'm told that it has a 100yrd Bar that stretches the length of a football field to serve customers, Seating at field level and a massive LED display screen that circulates the entire roof for your replays and entertainment!

KJ: I'd love to go to Lambeau Field to a Green Bay Packers game. It'd be cold, hostile and one of the storied venues in US sport. I reckon I could also be wowed by Jerry's World in Dallas too.

NY: I'm going old school. I'd love to watch a Raiders game in the notorious "Black Hole" at the Oakland Coliseum, with an afternoon in the "Dawg Pound" at Cleveland Stadium a very close second.