Spectacle a night of shear joy

By Don Farmer

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Golden Shears is well under way again and by the end of tonight we will be crowning another shears champion.

Perhaps it will be a familiar name, or face, or perhaps not.

What is a given to my mind is that I, along with many, many others are in for a great night's entertainment as the country's best shearers and woolhandlers go head-to-head in what truly is one of the year's great sporting highlights.

Golden Shears is also a survivor having clocked up better than 50 years as a spectacle and on each and every occasion it has been staged in Masterton.

I pity those who have never made the time or taken the effort to enjoy the shears.

You actually don't need to know a single thing about shearing, although I suppose it is necessary to know it happens to sheep and involves a very sharp instrument.

That is the extent of what you need to know in order to go along and have a great time.

Of course there is a cost to attending the shears, depending on which days or nights you go to but it is not expensive.

Hours of good entertainment, not only from the shearers but from woolhandlers, woolpressers, the commentators ensures you get value for money.

About the only gripe I have is the War Memorial Stadium seats tend to get a bit hard on the buttocks after an hour or two and with a good crowd in the stadium it can get a bit warm.

But they are not huge concerns and are easily outweighed by the action on the board and the excitement that mounts, especially on the final night - being tonight - when the best of the open shearers vie for the title of Golden Shears champion.

I am always somewhat amused when people comment there is "nothing to do" in Wairarapa, as though we are some isolated backwater that stages nothing worthwhile.

Take a look at most weekends and in particular this one and you will realise how stupid that statement is.


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