Bigotry cutting deeper

By Heather McCracken


Not content with being notorious world-wide after his much-reported "Wogistan" rant, MP Richard Prosser is now cashing in on his infamy.

The man who declared western airlines should be Muslim-free is auctioning his pocket-knife on Trade Me.

As you'll recall, this is the knife confiscated when Prosser tried to board a flight, causing him to become so enraged that he told all Muslims to go ride camels, rather than cause further security hassles on carriers.

Getting rid of the knife, he says, will help him bury the hatchet. The money would go to a "worthy cause".

I don't see how selling the knife buries any hatchet, but I do see it generating another wave of publicity about his comments, and providing a platform for further attacks on Muslims.

And I wonder what kind of person would want to buy the knife that sparked a politician to pen a baseless rant against millions of innocent people, and place New Zealand firmly on the world map of prejudice and idiocy?

It's hard to imagine someone with a tolerant and accepting view of the world's religions bidding on such an item.

On the one hand Prosser is trying to show he's learned from his week of shame. On the other, he's putting forward the knife as some sort of bigotry collector's item. It sounds as if Prosser hasn't really learned much at all.

While a "worthy cause" may miss out, I hope there's not a single bid on his blade.

- Wairarapa Times-Age

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