Mysteries buried beneath

By Don Farmer

Comfirmation that a skeleton found under a car park in England was indeed the remains of King Richard III is one of those exciting developments that all lovers of history get fired up on.

For me the confirmation could not have come at a better time as I have just finished reading an excellent book titled A Daughter of Time written decades ago by Josephine Tey. Although a novel, it is based on research into the life and times of Richard III and allegations he either murdered, or arranged the murder of the "nephews in the tower".

I, for one, finished that book convinced poor old Richard had been dealt a bad hand and that the bard William Shakespeare has a lot to answer for in that regard.

It also appears there is not a shred of contemporary evidence to suggest Richard III had any part at all in the supposed deaths of the two lads.

The old king - who reigned for only two years (1483-1485) before dying at the battle of Bosworth Field - emerged from Tey's book as a pretty good example of royalty.

All that aside, the finding of the skeleton was a great discovery and has spurred archaeologists into action in Britain with hope now they will discover the remains of Alfred the Great.

It has spurred me into contemplating whether I should now join the Richard III Society of New Zealand, a group that already has a branch in South Wairarapa.

There are, of course, many other mysteries buried beneath the good earth in many locations throughout the world. One of the big mysteries is where the great Native American war chief Crazy Horse, a hero of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, is buried.

The demise of Crazy Horse in 1877 was, like Richard III, a violent one. He was killed by a Camp Robinson, Nebraska, military guard who bayoneted him as he "allegedly resisted" arrest. His parents later buried his bones in a secret location. What a wonderful find his body would be although the Lakota people may be happy for him to rest in peace, undiscovered.


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