Hope you had say in plans for lake

By Gary Caffell

Henley Lake ... is our jewel in the crown.ASK me my favourite haunt in Masterton and there is only one possible answer.

Henley Lake wins hands down.

This magnificent facility is our jewel in the crown, especially for those of us who like to spend time watching Mother Nature at work while getting in exercise at the same time. Everything about it is therapeutic and not only for us human beings, for our doggie friends as well.

It is important to remember, however, places like Henley Lake can quickly lose their shine if the standard of maintenance and upkeep is not up to scratch.

The amount of voluntary work done there over the years has been considerable and those responsible deserve medals for their efforts. Their contribution is seldom acknowledged in the public arena but they can take it from me regular users are indebted to them, big time.

In recent weeks, the Masterton District Council has been asking for submissions to the Henley Lake management plan and, hopefully, those of you who would like to see various aspects of the operation improved or enhanced have put pen to paper to ensure your suggestions are at least part of the discussion process.

Why, for instance, do the number of ducklings on the lake in the last couple of breeding seasons seem to be in sharp decline from previous years? And how can the erosion problems that have beset parts of the lake best be overcome? Perhaps someone will come up with an answer as to how the rapid growth of convolvulus can be contained and whether the spell of warm weather is to blame for some of the trees looking the worse for wear.

It would be interesting, too, to get some idea of the support for an island to be removed so that enough clear space is available for a dragonboat racing course to meet national championship specifications.

This was your chance to have your say, I trust you have made the most of it.

Gary Caffell is a Masterton district councillor.

- Wairarapa Times-Age

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