While police in blitz mode

By Heather McCracken

Last weekend police carried out a cellphone blitz aimed at reinforcing the message that it's not okay to talk or text while driving.

It's a good message and, having seen several drivers during the past month or two negotiating Chapel St roundabouts in Masterton with a phone clamped to one ear, I think it's probably very timely.

Interestingly though, the blitz aimed at phone users caught two people on the phone and 58 not wearing seatbelts.

Clearly even the most basic of safety messages still need reinforcing time and time again.

If it were at all feasible, and they didn't have innumerable better things to do, there are a few other things I wouldn't mind the police having a blitz on - drivers who don't use their indicators at roundabouts, or don't know which way they should indicate, for starters.

Second on the list would be people who think the best way to drive over Rimutaka Hill Rd is to hover a hair's breadth from the bumper of the vehicle in front of them - particularly those who do it at night.

Next to be blitzed would be people who drive at 80km/h on the open road and then speed up to 110km/h whenever they hit a passing lane, though I've no idea how that would be policed.

Following that there'd be a nationwide crackdown on people who flick burning cigarettes from the windows of moving vehicles.

But, luckily for smokers, slow drivers, non-indicators and tailgaters, I'm not in charge of the police, who will no doubt be concentrating on much more important things this summer - like speed, drink-driving, and seatbelts.

- Wairarapa Times-Age

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