Ready to eat. Heat and eat. Microwave in minutes.

How did it come to pass that so much of our store-bought food carries these "compelling' messages? Have we developed such an immense impatience that when we think about eating, we want it to happen instantaneously and with the least effort possible? I'm afraid we're making speed our King and convenience our Queen, all the while slaying quality and nutrition in the process(ing). And we're missing the best bit - cooking.

It's time we adjusted our expectations and realise that putting a meal together takes time - it's supposed to. After all, other forms of gratifying and enjoying ourselves do; getting tipsy takes a bit of doing, good sex is not fast (or is it?), growing your hair long when you're 12 takes a certain level of patience and commitment, relaxing doesn't happen in a split second...

I'm not advocating to going back to being stuck in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove for hours, but cooking doesn't need to be a chore. It's a task yes, but a chore to be got through as quickly as possible? No. As Truman Capote once famously said: "Oh, I adore to cook. It makes me feel so mindless in a worthwhile way."


This weekend, why not set aside some time to lose your mind in the most worthwhile of ways? You may even find it relaxing.