Hauraki's Decision 2014 video Hauraki's Decision 2014

Hauraki's Matt Heath and Jeremy Wells are joined by…

Dolphins follow Auckland ferry video Dolphins follow Auckland ferry

Herald reader Wayne Pottow sent his…

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Cartoon: The week that was
John Roughan: Can Obama get us out of this rut?

Defeated rival may still have the secret for an economic recovery Magnanimous in victory, Barack Obama said he would sit…

Paul Thomas: Why America ruined the fat cats' party

In their unwillingness to face the reality of changing demographics, US Republicans are behaving like King Canute.

Victory for Obama's coalition
Victory for Obama's coalition

Republicans face stark choice: remake themselves, or become a minority party.

US Presidential Election

Nicola Lamb: In the numbers game, pollsters came out on top
Nicola Lamb: In the numbers game, pollsters came out on top

The country wasn't ready for another fresh start so soon after the last one - or at least not another…

Data mining gave Obama the edge

Both campaigns used Facebook and the full gamut of social media, using website tracking to get out the vote and appeal to…

Twitter alive but TV still medium of choice

This was the first Twitter election, some commentators declared on Twitter. Oh no it wasn't. This was the 14th television…

Gwynne Dyer: Gale-force wind of change shoves climate on to Obama's agenda

It's hard to know how much impact New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's comments about climate change after Hurricane Sandy…

Nik Dirga: Obama's victory part of slowly rising tide

Despite the apparent closeness of the race, Obama won in all the ways that matter - younger voters, ethnic voters, women…

Romney - what went wrong?

In the weeks leading up to the US Presidential Election, Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney were neck and…

Paul Casserly: Channel surfing for democracy

TV Blogger Paul Casserly sat down with his remote control to watch the US Election Coverage, here’s how it all unfolded.

Obama facing tough calls

US fiscal position unsustainable with action needed on taxes and spending - economist.

Much work ahead, Obama says

Barack Obama has returned to the White House for a second term, saying the "best is yet to come" - but he faces bitter divides…

PM happy to work with known team
PM happy to work with known team

Prime Minister John Key last night welcomed the re-election of President Barack Obama. "From New Zealand's…

Republicans seek scapegoats

Romney's eclipse leaves field open for new challengers but party will have to fight to improve vote.

Brian Fallow: US President on edge of fiscal cliff

Looking at the US' fiscal numbers it is hard to escape the conclusion that the land of the free is also the land of the…

Editorial: World looks for leadership from Obama

Editorial: Barack Obama should quickly indicate when taxes will be increased and spending contained.

US Election: Map of the results
US Election: Map of the results

We have state by state results of the US presidential election, with the vote in each state and overall…

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US Ebola doc: 'I am thrilled to be alive'
US Ebola doc: 'I am thrilled to be alive'

Calling it a "miraculous day," an American doctor infected with Ebola left his isolation unit and warmly hugged his doctors…

Malaysia mourns: Remains return home
Guns for school police in LA
Experts forecast apocalyptic weather
City spiders getting bigger
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United States

Stylist swaps salons for streets
Stylist swaps salons for streets

A hair stylist from New York is smartening up the…

Bank of America to pay $17b settlement
Bank of America to pay $17b settlement

The US government has reached a $US16.65 billion settlement…

Hermit for three decades finds a job
Hermit for three decades finds a job

A man who lived for nearly three decades in the woods…

Attorney General talks to Ferguson residents
Attorney General talks to Ferguson residents

The United States' most senior law enforcement official…

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