Do you travel light or heavy?

I usually try to pack light but end up packing ridiculously heavily. It's my stills camera that weighs me down.

Cattle or first class?

I love first class but always end up third class unreserved for some reason.


I can't travel without ...

My camera.

What type of suitcase do you carry?

I have a bit of a bag fetish - I own around 15 bags so it's nearly always a different one.

What's always in your hand luggage?

Everything under the sun - often a pocketknife which gets confiscated at airport security.

Are you a planner or last-minute packer?

I'm a last-minute packer. Everything is thrown in literally two minutes before I race out the door, usually late.

What's the best thing you've brought back from a trip?

An ornate pottery Humpty Dumpty. It's a cross between a horror doll and a royal Copenhagen. He's balancing on my mantle awaiting a great fall.

Favourite or most exciting airport to land in?

Pisa, in anticipation of the pizza.

Best packing tip?

Reasonably obvious: put your knives in your check-in luggage.

Most memorable trip?

The unexpectedness of Poland.

What do you do while on the plane?

Personal admin and drink as much free booze as they let me.

* Julian Hanton is the presenter of travel show Third Class Traveller, Travel Channel (Sky channel 076), Saturdays from December 17, 9.30pm.