Every year, the Northland Field Days provide Northlanders with the opportunity to reach their academic goals, providing financial assistance in the form of Northland Field Days Agricultural Grants. These grants have helped many aspiring agricultural students reach their academic potential, providing a much needed financial boost to alleviate pressure on the students themselves, and their families.

Calling all keen agricultural students: Apply for your grant NOW!

Northland students who are registered at any recognised tertiary provider, and are studying agricultural, horticultural, silvicultural or environmental based courses are invited to apply for a Northland Field Days Agricultural Grant. The application process is simple, and the rewards are well worth the effort! To download an application form, simply go to our website www.northlandfielddays.co.nz, click on Community, and select 'Study Grant Application Form'. Download the form, fill in your details, and send your completed application through to the address listed.

We can help pay for materials, course fees and more!


Students can use the funds for anything from materials to course fees - these grants are designed to assist students in their academic efforts to achieve. The Northland Field Days Committee hopes it will enable our young Northland students to make the most of their future opportunities, and we truly enjoy following the progress (and success!) of each of our grant recipients. Each individual grant will be up to $2,000 with a total Agricultural Grant pool of $10,000. The Committee will determine the amounts of the grants to be allocated on a per case application; simply contact us for more information.

Any Northlander currently studying agricultural, horticultural, silvicultural or environmental based courses in New Zealand is welcome to register, so why not take your future to the next level with a Northland Field Days Agricultural Grant? Contact us today for more information, or visit us online at www.northlandfielddays.co.nz

Apply online today, and let us help you make a difference!