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Deeply sorry over 'kia ora'
Deeply sorry over 'kia ora'

The chief executive of the KiwiYo company says he is deeply sorry that a Whangarei teenager quit her job after she was told…

Teen quits after boss bans 'kia ora'

A Whangarei teenager has quit her first job after being ticked off for welcoming customers into a city centre store with…

Bob Jones: Forcing te reo on children is a waste

Periodically we're subject to collective hysterias, led by the media in unison with relevant bureaucrats, single-issue lobbyists…

Hopes for 'apopo' in weather forecast

The Maori Language Commission says that it has approached TVNZ, TV3 and the MetService about using the Maori word for "tomorrow"…

Yvonne Tahana

Hawaii: Hollywood's darling Hawaii: Hollywood's darling

Kualoa's mountain ranges are a scene-stealer, writes…

Helping hand for those on outside Helping hand for those on outside

A justice sector advocate believes the Government…

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Sibling rivalry in news
Sibling rivalry in news

Te reo has paved the way for careers in journalism for two sets of Kiwi siblings who work on opposing Maori news shows.

Mac and Ron put accent on spelling
Mac and Ron put accent on spelling

Mac and Ron are on a linguistic and historic mission to right Maori spelling and pronunciation howlers in West Auckland.

Nikau, Aria take lead in names
Nikau, Aria take lead in names

Nikau remains the most popular name for Maori boys born last year while Aria takes the top spot for girls from Maia.

Will the Maori Party survive?

Te Reo Maori

Peter Calder: Half an hour a week of te reo is a gift no one should refuse
Peter Calder: Half an hour a week of te reo is a gift no one should refuse

Imagine your local school was offering a programme that increased children's understanding of language…

Few non-Maori pick language for study at secondary school

Only 4 per cent of non-Maori secondary school students are learning te reo Maori, the latest figures show.

Scammers use te reo ploy

Scammers are renewing an old con by using te reo Maori in bogus emails, but tech and language experts say they're so bad…

Bill 'about giving decisions back to iwi'
Bill 'about giving decisions back to iwi'

A new bill that will change how te reo Maori is safeguarded will have its first reading in Parliament…

Pita Sharples: A te reo strategy for, by and of the people

Today, Pita Sharples will carry out the first reading of the new Maori Language Bill 2014 in Parliament.

Unmangling te reo

Ten years ago, Pita Sharples - now Minister of Maori Affairs - said he wanted to see an end to mangled te reo words used…

Editorial: Protecting te reo

The curriculum in New Zealand schools is "compulsory" and nobody minds - until it is suggested that all New Zealand children…

Paul Little: Apology would be a nice change

As the election date nears, politicians are working harder than ever to demonstrate to us why they don't deserve our respect…

One nation with many faces
One nation with many faces

Singapore-born Chloe Kannangara is of Irish-Dutch and Singaporean-Sinhalese descent - but considers…

Stan Walker to release new single in Te Reo Maori

It's been 30 years since New Zealand had its last Te Reo Maori hit with Poi E in 1984 but rising star Stan Walker is hoping…

Would Labour make te reo compulsory?

All New Zealand schoolchildren would learn Maori under Labour's long-term plan for te reo, but it appears the party is loath…

Susan Devoy: Let's spell out our determination to embrace NZ culture

Tracing my whakapapa or family tree is something I'm looking forward to and there are some awesome people who are going…

Maori Council fights new te reo agency

The New Zealand Maori Council is seeking an urgent Waitangi Tribunal hearing to stop a proposed legislation.

Financial tutoring offered for families
Financial tutoring offered for families

Kohanga reo teacher Ann Makea is adding a new service to her preschool offering - financial literacy…

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