All overseas-made cosmetic products that have been tested on animals will be banned if Labour is elected, animal welfare spokesman Trevor Mallard said today.

The ban would apply to cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances but would not affect medicines.

Animal welfare laws already prevented New Zealand cosmetic manufacturers from testing on animals, but there were no restrictions on beauty products being imported and sold here.

Labour would write the ban into legislation, which would formally block local and foreign manufacturers from selling animal-tested cosmetics.


The EU last year banned the sale and importation of products which depended on animal trials.

This meant most major brands bought by New Zealanders such as L'Oreal and Mac were unlikely to be affected by a ban.

But New Zealand also sourced products from other countries such as China and the Philippines, which required or used animal tests.

A testing ban on cosmetics is already part of the Green Party's animal welfare policy.

Mr Mallard said it was important that a mainstream party now also formally supported a ban.