Rogue former Green Party candidate David Hay has apologised "unreservedly" to Co-leader Metiria Turei for accusing her of orchestrating a campaign against him.

Mr Hay last week attacked Ms Turei and co-leader Russel Norman, claiming he would be a better co-leader of the party than Dr Norman.

Mr Hay's comments were made ahead of a party executive meeting last weekend which he knew was likely to result in his rejection as a candidate for next year's election.

Mr Hay, who was at number 16 on the Greens' list in 2011 was removed from the candidate pool at that meeting and he subsequently accused Ms Turei of being behind that process and called for her and Dr Norman to resign.


Today he accepted that Ms Turei was not behind the action against him which he now understood was prompted by a trusted associate who had claimed he campaigned for electorate votes against party directions when he stood in Epsom in 2011.

Earlier this week, Mr Hay told the Herald his actions had demonstrated he was a far more skilled politician then either Dr Norman or Ms Turei. Today he said he was "contrite".

"I've caused a lot of distress to my fellow party members which I regret, I have implied that Metiria Turei is a part of this which is apparently incorrectly and I unreservedly apologise to Metiria.

"I have pretty successfully dynamited all my bridges now and I'm not sure what happens next."

He was now taking time off work to "reflect on what's happened and get over that".

The Green Party's executive is currently considering Mr Hay's future with the party but Auckland province co-convenor Vernon Tava told The Herald no formal process to eject him was underway.