Summer photo competition 2012/2013

Simon and Melissa [] Photo was taken at Matarangi Beach on holiday by Melissa Macpherson (me). My nephew Ben had his body dug under the sand, and my other nephew, Noah is 'pretending' to pick up his head :) Hope you enjoy the shot :) Melissa Macpherson PC Sumer Holiday Photo Competition NZH 26Jan13 - Melissa Macpherson took this photo of her nephew Noah doing his best to get her other nephew Ben's head out of the sand at Matarangi Beach.Jake, Seth, Maddi, Caitlyn, Hannah and Abbey practise their synchronised swimming, sans pool, at a holiday programme. Photo by Jenny Nicholson.Craig Anderson takes his son Marvin for a surf at Mt Maunganui. Photo by Jereme Aubertin.Four-year-old Senna Roberts enjoys a jump on the trampoline in his pyjamas just before bed. Picture sent in by Paul Roberts. Left, Grant Taylor and his blind mother Kath get in the water at Little Bay in the Coromandel.