Really 'clipping the ticket'

If the lawyers launching the class action over unreasonable bank fees want another cause to champion, they could try challenging ticket delivery fees. A Westmere reader bought a match pass for the third cricket test and was asked for a $5.25 transaction fee to email the tickets (how much does it cost to send an email then?), or $8.25 for them to put a 60c stamp on an envelope and send them by snail mail which, they say, takes 10 working days. Is this where the expression "clipping the ticket" came from?

Parent pleading stupidity

"When my son (now in his 30s) was about 9, he complained about being pushed around by some kids at school," writes David from Auckland. "Without spending too much time thinking about it, and as a strong believer in standing up to bullies, I said 'Get a quick punch or slap to the face in first, if you get lucky the kid will get a nose-bleed, fight over, they'll leave you alone'. About a week later I got a call from the school. Tense meeting with headmistress. My son had followed my advice. Problem? The 'bully' was a small but stroppy 7-year-old girl. I gave my son a look that said 'Really?' He burst into tears. 'But Dad, I just did what you told me to do if someone pushed me ... '


Expulsion narrowly avoided by pleading stupidity on part of parent."

Not a pleasant day for a pheasant

Big day out for pheasant: "Early Tuesday morning I left home near Matakana for Auckland before sun-up and thought I ran over something halfway down our road, but wasn't totally sure. I drove to Auckland and dropped the car off at the workshop to get its regular service. Returning to pick up the car late afternoon I noticed a feather sticking out from under the spoiler in the front and after looking closely I realised that there was a live bird stuck behind the grill. It took the boys in the workshop a bit of effort to get it out in one piece before putting it in a box for the drive back home where I released it at the place where it hitched a ride. All in all a big day out; run over by a car, stuck in a grill, driven to Auckland, sat through a car service, had a wash and then driven home in a box before heading home for dinner!"