Readers were having conniptions about parent parking ("Jeez, is having a kid a handicap?" said one reader) but in Jakarta Mario saw this dedicated parking space for the ladies, at a very classy shopping mall in the CBD. "Odd to us indeed but further discussion with local friends revealed that this is apparently quite common - these parks are adjacent to the mall entry ways and they make it safer for women to return to their cars at night. Must say I was a little bit disappointed with reasoning, as I thought they were there for the protection of other drivers (though my wife understandably had a different opinion). And I knew I had to take the photo when I saw those pink stripes on the concrete pillars."

Djokovic big cheese in tennis world

Wimbledon winner and world No 1 Novak Djokovic, 25, has purchased the entire 2013 supply of cheese (at £800 [$1540] per kilo) made from donkey milk. He wants the donkey's milk cheese to supply a new chain of restaurants in his Serbian homeland. The delicacy, known as pule, is made in Zasavica, Serbia. Donkey milk is said to be very healthy for humans as it has anti-allergen properties and is low fat. (Source: The

Christmas comes cheap in Mt Albert


Real tree at a real price: Lachie Munro writes: "My cousins Isaac, Eric and Jessica (ages 10, 15 and 17) sell the best value Christmas trees in Auckland from their house on Vinter Tce in Mt Albert. Their grandparents own a Christmas tree farm in South Head and they (with the help of dad of course) bring the trees down directly from the farm, hence their prices are so good! They have a huge range of sizes even starting as low as $5! I guarantee anyone that visits them this Christmas will not be disappointed!"

Parental park sans infants

People are quick to have a go ... "I think most people respect the parental parks and will not use the parental parks without children. But I was amused a few days ago when I saw a woman with a child of about 8 years old go tropo at a young woman for parking in a parental park when she returned to her car sans children. I had seen the young woman leave the car with infant twins (my guess is she left them at the creche)."

Humour: TVs Seinfeld brilliantly captured the '90s, but what if the hit show aired today? This parody Twitter account has a few ideas..."George thinks his GF is faking a gluten-intolerance, feeds her real cookies, sending her to the ER. Autocorrect ruins Jerry's relationship." Or..." Elaine is caught on video laughing at 9/11 memorial. Gawker posts it & turns her into a pariah. Kramer claims to have invented the Snuggie." You get the gist.

Things that make you go eww:
1) Hobbit Slippers are not sexy...

2) Teddy Bears with human teeth...

3) Chairs with guts ...

Video link: If this clip doesn't make you melt just a little bit, you are a true cynic..

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