Q: We were taking our Hawkes Bay friends out to the airport the other day and Janice asked what had happened to the wee church on the corner of George Bolt Drive and Ihumatao Rd. Kaye Proctor, Torbay.

During the expansion of Auckland Airport, the Westney Church and the associated Westney Homestead were placed on a temporary site until a suitable home could be found for them. The buildings can be found at the Abbeville Farm Estate, which is situated within the Auckland Airport Business District precinct, in Nixon Rd. It will be used as an events function venue. In 2006, the graves were re-sited, many to Mangere Lawn Cemetery. The names of those buried are recorded on a memorial inside the restored church.

Q: On a daily basis, I turn right into Gavin St from Penrose Rd. Whenever there is a vehicle turning left into Gavin St from Penrose Rd, they without fail give way to me. There is an island dividing my path from that of the left-turning vehicles however they do not have a give way sign. Can you please confirm that I should be giving way? Warren Brown, Northcross.

Contrary to your observation, left-turning traffic from Penrose into Gavin does face a give way sign. Thus, left-turning traffic from Penrose must wait for you.


Q: I travel home along Aviemore Drive and turn left to go up Highland Park Drive. At this intersection there is a give way sign and painted lines. Most cars waiting opposite to turn right do not realise this. Even when the lane is clear of cars travelling straight through, if I stop to give way, like I should, the cars opposite never move, or wave me through thinking that the new law applies. This normally results in a Mexican stand off and ends with lots of hand and arm waving as well as shaking heads.

Could you please confirm that a) the new give way rule does not apply here as the intersection is controlled by a give way sign, and b) maybe ask to have the give way sign removed as no one gives way there anyway and it would be an easy solution to the issue. Hayden Stephenson, Pakuranga.

You are correct, Mr Stephenson. Traffic turning left from Aviemore into Highland Park must wait for right-turning vehicles, as they face a give way sign, and so the new rule does not apply. Auckland Transport planners might like to consider your suggestion of removal of this sign.