What makes a business your number 1 choice?

One of the fastest ways to improve your marketing results is to ask yourself two questions...

Question One:

Which businesses do you 'highly' recommend?


Question Two:

'Why' do you highly recommend these businesses? (What do they do that makes them your number one choice and so easy to recommend?)

Let me show you why these two questions are so useful.

The extraordinary bike shop:

Around eight months ago I got into cycling as a hobby.

I had last ridden a bicycle as a teenager and thought that cycling could be an interesting way to keep fit and meet new people.

A keen cyclist I knew highly recommended Avanti Bikes in Waitakere, Auckland as a great business for anything to do with cycling.

At this point I had purchased a good quality second-hand road bike on Trade Me but had not yet started riding it.

So I went into Avanti Bikes Waitakere to see how they could help me.

The first person I met was the owner Jeff Webb and it turned out bikes were his life.

Jeff explained clearly why 'fitting' a bike was so useful when you were riding. I found that a slight change in things like the height of your seat or the position of your handlebars actually makes a big difference to both your comfort and also your performance when riding.

Jeff got one of his highly experienced staff to 'fit' my bike for me. They told me that on a Saturday morning at 8am Avanti had a free 'group bike ride'. It was for 34 kilometres and it always had experienced cyclists who led the ride. Beginners were welcome and it was a great way to learn how to ride safely in Auckland traffic.

I did my first Saturday group ride and found I enjoyed the experience. Even though it was challenging physically, I got lots of support and encouragement from the other people on the ride. I also learned a lot and really enjoyed the conversation and coffee at the end.

Over the next few months I visited Avanti Waitakere many times and bought cycling accessories like clothes, cycling shoes, bike clips and so on.

Each time I visited the shop I was always treated well by Jeff or one of his highly knowledgeable people.

They always took the time to explain my options and what would suit me best. Jeff put on a free evening workshop on bike maintenance. I learned how to fix a flat tyre and maintain my bike so it stayed in good condition.

In the last few days I've been into Avanti Waitakere to upgrade my bike and get a brand new one. Again, Jeff carefully explained my options and what he thought would be best for me.

If anyone wants to know anything about biking I highly recommend Avanti Waitakere. Everyone is friendly, low key and super knowledgeable about cycling.

When I look at what Jeff has done in his business I see some useful marketing lessons that could be applied to any business.

With his Saturday rides Jeff has created a community of happy people who regularly come to his business. With his low key, experienced and friendly staff Jeff makes customers feel welcome and valued when they come into his shop. And customers get some valuable ideas at no charge whenever they talk to any of his people.

When you look carefully at the small number of businesses that you highly recommend there are some great marketing lessons that you can learn.

"Be everywhere, do everything, and never fail to astonish the customer."
Macy's Motto
Action Exercise:

Which businesses do you highly recommend and why? What do these businesses do that makes them so easy for you to recommend? How could you use some of the things they do in your own business?