The woman involved in the Aaron Smith toilet tryst is believed to be a professional in an office job and has a partner.

The woman, identified by a third party, has taken down a post from a social media account outlining her intentions to go to the test against South Africa in Christchurch on September 17.

Other photos have remained online.

When approached by the Herald the woman denied she was with Smith.


"I have no involvement in this incident and therefore do not consent to being contacted or my name or personal details reported."

The woman has since refused to take calls.

She is currently understood to be in a relationship.

Smith and a young woman were in the wheelchair access cubicle for up to 10 minutes.

The mystery woman was not his girlfriend.

A family who saw the pair enter and heard sounds coming from the bathroom told the Herald there was "absolutely no question what the couple were doing in there".

Smith later sauntered out of the cubicle in full All Blacks uniform with not an ounce of remorse or regret on his face, according to the eye witness.

The woman followed a minute later "looking equally suspicious", the eye witness said.

Last night a tearful Smith apologised to girlfriend Tegan Voykovich saying it was a "huge mistake".

He also apologised to his family, team, New Zealand Rugby and fans saying his behaviour was unacceptable.

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen yesterday said Smith's sexual liaison in the public toilets had breached the team standards.

He suspended the halfback for one test.

Smith is now flying back to New Zealand.