The female police officer who was knocked unconscious by a rich-lister's son in an alcohol-fuelled attack was also attacked by a young man five years ago.

Dunedin Constable Alana Kane was knocked unconscious by then University of Otago student Nikolas James Posa Delegat, 19, during a drunken scuffle outside Starters Bar, in March last year. He also assaulted a Campus Watch staff member.

Delegat is the son of winemaker Jakov "Jim" Delegat and wife Kate. The National Business Review listed Jim Delegat and sister Rosemari's wealth at $350 million in last year's Rich List.

Yesterday, he was sentenced to 300 hours community work for the police assault, 100 hours for assaulting a campus watch officer, 60 hours for wilful damage, and 60 hours for resisting arrest. He has also been ordered to pay $5000 emotional harm reparation to Kane.


It was the second time Kane was the victim of an alcohol-fuelled attack by a young man.

In February 2011, Kane was knocked to the ground by Jamie Trev Cooper-Siggleko, then 22, when trying to arrest him.

Cooper-Siggleko and his 15-year-old brother punched Kane in the head repeatedly. Her injuries, as later detailed by a doctor, included a bleeding nose, damaged wrist and apparent loss of consciousness.

Kane had been called on by fellow female officer Constable Kristyn Adamson for assistance after Adamson did a breath test of Cooper-Siggleko during a routine bail check. He failed which was in breach of his bail conditions.

He tried to persuade Adamson not to arrest him and then he and his brother started abusing her before Kane arrived.

Cooper-Siggleko served three years and five months in prison for the assault and a benefit fraud charge