David Haerewa has appealed his 17-year sentence for killing Moko Rangitotehiri, days after his partner lodged her sentence.

Haerewa lodged the appeal on July 22, following Tania Shailer's appeal on July 19.

A Court of Appeal spokeswoman said a date for the appeals to be heard had not yet been set and it was unknown whether the pair would have their appeals heard together.

Shailer and Haerewa were sentenced last month to 17 years in jail with a minimum non-parole period of nine years after pleading guilty to manslaughter.


Their sentence was the longest handed out in New Zealand for the manslaughter of a child.

Moko, 3, died in August last year while in the care of the couple.

Moko's mother, Nicole Dally-Paki needed to stay in Auckland with another child who was sick and receiving treatment at Starship Hospital, and asked Shailer to take care of Moko and his older sister while she was away.

A post-mortem examination revealed Moko died as a result of "multiple blunt force traumas".

He had lacerations and haemorrhaging deep within his abdomen, historic bruising and damage to his bowel. Combined, that resulted in his bowel rupturing. Fecal matter leaked into Moko's abdomen, causing septic shock.

His brain was swollen, he had blood clots under his scalp representing numerous injuries inflicted at different times in the lead-up to his death.

There was evidence the toddler had been smothered.

His body was a veritable map of torture - Moko had human bite marks, contusions, abrasions, deep bruising, lacerations, patterned injuries on his face, chin, neck, ears, lower lip, gums, eyes, ribs, testes, skin, chest, tummy, shoulder and arms.

Shailer and Haerewa would later admit abusing the little boy in the weeks leading up to his death.