The Far North Police are on the hunt for a stolen fish. The omnivorous piranha is a freshwater species usually found in South American rivers and known for its sharp teeth and strong jaws.

On this occasion however the piranha, right, was hooked illegally from Waiere Rd near Kaeo between the hours of 8am and 5pm last Tuesday.

The distinctively-styled piranha is in fact a letterbox made from a 9kg gas bottle and owned by a resident who is keen to have it returned. That's because, said one person posting on Facebook, "it's the only noddy he has ever caught."

The metallic art-piece had become a tourist attraction on occasions and Senior Sergeant Brian Swann of the Mid North Policing Unit said they will bait another hook in an attempt to catch the marine poacher. Or set a berley trail.


- Any information phone Kerikeri police 09 407 9211.