If you have ever loved something so much you want everyone to see how great it is you will sympathise with Thomas Hayman.

The 18-year-old has taken to Whangarei's streets dressed as his all-time favourite Marvel Comic character.

Watch: Thomas Hayman in his Deadpool costume.

Donning the PVC costume he sewed himself over nine months, Mr Hayman pushed himself to the point of heat exhaustion promoting the film adaptation of Deadpool this week.


"It's about 30 degrees outside and about 50 degrees inside this suit," Mr Hayman said, as he lay on the pavement outside Northern Advocate's Robert St office.

With trusty sidekick and cameramen Justin Smith, Mr Hayman was on a simple mission: To promote the R18 anti-superhero flick to the people of Whangarei and give out as many free hugs as possible.

He recorded his activities and uploaded them to YouTube, capturing the attention of 20th Century Fox, who sent him figurines and fizzy drinks to give away on his wanderings.

"I basically just love the character and want people to see the film," he said.

Asked whether most people had recognised the character, Mr Hayman said "not enough".

"We've had a lot of Spiderman, which is a bit disappointing. But I've had a lot of hugs, from both the guys and the girls, the young and the old."

Deadpool has taken the US box office by storm, making US$135 million ($201 million) in its first three days in cinemas and was the biggest R18 opening ever, surpassing The Matrix Reloaded, which made US$91.8 million in May 2003.

Mr Hayman described the movie's main character as "transcending limitations".

"It's a brilliant action movie and is probably the greatest love story of our time," said the former Whangarei Boys' High student and part-time magician and actor.

In Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, a former special forces operative turned vigilante.

His world comes crashing down when an evil scientist tortures, disfigures and transforms him into Deadpool, leaving him with superpowers.