Whangarei SPCA always has lots of animals in need of new homes. Our Tip of the Week feature includes details of one SPCA animal up for adoption, and an SPCA tip for animal care.


Lucy is a gorgeous silver chinchilla rabbit who is looking for a home.

She is 18-months-old and has a quiet, shy nature.

Her tip:


With the summer heat, animals are drinking a lot more.

If you're away from home for the day put out a couple of extra water bowls in case they are needed and put animals in an area where there is plenty of shade.

See more details about Whangarei SPCA, including how you give them your support here.

Or see Lucy and other pets at:

Whangarei SPCA
143 Kioreroa Road

Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 3pm