Whangarei shoppers got to select how $3500 would be divided among three Northland charities.

In a partnership between Fonterra and New World Regent, shoppers who purchased any Anchor products got a chip which they could place in three different bins - for Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST), Alzheimers Northland and Canteen Northland.

The number of chips in each bin represented the share of $3500 the charity would receive.

New World Regent store owner Todd Leathem presented the charities with their cheques - $2100 for NEST, $840 for Alzheimers Northland and $560 for Canteen Northland.


NEST chairman John Bain said the emergency helicopter service would benefit greatly from the donation. "As we are a community organisation all the donations we get are terribly important to us."

The money will go towards a flight simulator for staff, "maintaining their ability to fly in adverse conditions," he said.

"We fly 24/7/365, and the simulator will give us a lot of opportunities for training on the ground. We really appreciate the people who have contributed, and Fonterra and New World Regent for giving us the opportunity," he said.

Alzheimers Northland general manager Kevin Salmon said the charity was grateful for the money, which would help fund a carers' retreat.