World Smokefree Day: 10 reasons to give up smoking

By Isabella Snow


1. You stink

Yes, literally. But you don't know that.  Because you're so used to it, you don't smell it any more. And I'm not just talking about your breath. Your hair, your clothes, your skin, your house ... even if you don't smoke in it, it all be stank. You smell so bad that non-smokers remark on it when you go back to your cubicle.

2. You don't look cool or sexy

You used to back in the day. Not any more. Smoking is out. When people look at you now, they aren't thinking you remind them of the Marlboro Man. They're thinking you remind them of Magda from There's Something About Mary.

3. You're treated like a second-class citizen

All over the world, smoking laws are changing. You can't smoke in theatres, you can't smoke in restaurants, you can't smoke in your office building, you can't smoke at the bus stop, you can't smoke within 30m of a public building, you can't smoke on a plane, you can't smoke in most of your  friends' homes.

4. You're going to wrinkle twice as bad as Grandma did

What's that? You wear SPF5000 and eat all the best veges? Good for you. You're still going to shrivel up  like a prune.

5. You're going broke

What's it cost for a packet these days? One leg? Two? It's insane how much the tobacco companies are making off  you.

Do you really have nothing better to spend that kind of cash on?

6.  Lots and lots of people think you're cute, but will not date you - cause you smoke

Many gorgeous people will not date a smoker. Not even a part-time/social one.

7. Your food doesn't taste great

And you don't even know it, because your taste-buds have gone. You think something tastes good now? Quit smoking for a few months and you'll wake up one day and realise how much better it all is.

8. You can't smell

You really can't.

9. Your fingers are turning yellow
Imagine yourself chatting up a lovely young  lady/bloke over coffee. As far as you can tell, they're perfect. You think you could marry this person. They like you, too. So much so, they reach across the table and  touch your hand. You look down, totally psyched this hottie wants you! And then you see  them - tar-stained, brownish-yellow fingers. How sexy is hottie now?

10. You're keeping the tobacco execs filthy stinking rich
It's worth another mention.

- Isabella Snow,

- Northern Advocate

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